Q: Do we go inside buildings? 

A: This is a walking tour rather than a museum style tour, and it’s all outdoors. Many of the places we visit are open to the public, so you may be able to explore another time.

Q:  I have a cranky knee. Can I keep up? 

A: We walk at a medium pace. To put it in perspective, a tour takes a little over an hour, and only about a third of that is walking. The rest is standing and listening. Do you walk regularly? If you can walk about 2.5 mph without getting winded, you can usually keep with any of our tours.

Q: What should I wear? 

A: Comfortable clothing and sensible footwear is recommended, since we are not always on sidewalks, and even a sidewalk can present the occasional surprise. We walk when it’s cold, and sometimes when it’s wet, so please bundle up and bring your umbrella. We want the stories to make you shiver, not the rain dripping down your shirt collar.

Q: Can I bring my dog?  (Cat, ferret…) 

A: Sorry. No. Pets- large or small, are not allowed. Not all guests feel comfortable with pets, yours- or the ones that pass by that your Spike or Fluffy might take an interest in. Service animals are allowed, of course.

Q: I use a wheelchair to get around. Can I still take the tour? 

A: Yes! Several of our tours offer accommodations, like alternate routes, for guests with special needs. If you have any questions about which might be right for you, please don’t hesitate to call or email us!

Q: I’ve had a hard time hearing some tours. Do you have amplification? 

A: Yes. We want every story to come through crystal clear.

Q: My daughter is five and loves ghosts! Can we bring her on the tour?

A:  As a parent, you are the best judge of your child. Just a reminder: The tours contain talk of serial killers and other gruesome stuff, and are designed for adults and culture savvy kids ten and up.

Q: How many people are in an average tour?

A: For us, an intimate tour is ten or fewer guests. Ten to 25 is medium, and 25 and above usually happens more often in our late season (October) tours. If big crowds are not your cup of tea, you might want to avoid the weekends right before Halloween, or take an early-in-the-week tour.

Q: How long are the tours?

A: Walking tours are a little more than an hour. Bus tours (Check schedule for special events) are usually two hours long.

Q: What if I’m late? Will you wait? Can I catch up?

A: Unfortunately, we can’t make accommodations for late guests. It’s important that you secure your parking spot and arrive at the walk to check in at least ten minutes early. We begin on time, and depending on weather, construction, or other activities in town, won’t know in advance where you might find us once we’ve left the meeting place. We do not offer refunds.

Q: Are there restroom stops?

A: Our advice is to go before you meet us. If you have an urgent need, please ask your guide. If we’re near a likely place, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Q: Do you ever cancel due to weather?

A: Very rarely, but it’s happened. If a dangerous storm is threatening and we do call off your tour, we will want to let you know right away. We’ll use your contact information to keep you informed. In the case of cancellation, refunds will be issued. 

Q: Can you guarantee I will see a ghost?

A: Through the years we’ve had guests who’ve reported feeling and seeing strange phenomena, who’ve been freaked out by someone they couldn’t see  touching or tapping them, and who’ve captured apparitions or peculiar organic shapes in their photos. Ghosts are like people- they can be moody or unpredictable, or sometimes just gravitate toward an individual or tour for reasons we can’t explain. We’d never guarantee an experience, but you will hear some chilling and surprising tales of our spectacular Queen City.  

Q: I have a discount coupon, (or gift certificate). How do I buy tickets?

A: You can redeem your coupon or certificate by calling 802-351-1313 and leaving a message with your name, your phone number, and the date you'd like to tour. Or, email the same to mail@queencityghostwalk.com. We'll be in touch to confirm. Please be aware that coupons with and expired promotional value are good for only one admission. Gift certificates are only valid for five years from date of issue.